about SOL mobility

For the first time, all the important Lisbon Mobility players are participating in an Open Innovation program.

  • One-time opportunity to get support and direct access to key corporates
  • Validate your solutions using real data in a live environment
  • Work directly with your potential customers and/or partners
  • Be part of Lisbon’s flagship innovation program

who we are looking for

Product in working prototype or MVP

Established founding teams


Transportation Services & Solutions

Smart Vehicles

Smart Parking

Infrastructure Management

Personalized Mobility

Customer Service & Information

Urban Logistics


Data & Analytics


New Technologies applied to Mobility

  • Blockchain
  • Predictive analytics
  • Big Data
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Mapping optimization
  • VR
  • AR
  • Robotics
  • Biometrics
  • Human Machine Interface
  • eMobility
  • Telematics
  • Autotech
  • Mobile
  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I)
  • Sensoring
  • Infotainment
  • Autonomous
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V)
  • Connected equipment
  • eTickets
  • IoT


program stages


April 12th – June 12th

We’ll be looking at how the team works together, if the product addresses the City Challenges & improves city life, how it delivers value and what value is delivered, how sound is the business model and how SOL Mobility can provide value in terms of market reach, tech solutions etc.


July 9th – July 13th

The one week Bootcamp is composed of workshops, talks & mentoring sessions that will provide you with useful learnings for the program & enhance your skills.

Physical presence: Full working hours presence will be required throughout the whole week. Minimum 2, maximum 3 members of the team.


July 16th – September 16th

The key to a successful implementation is a well-planned preparation. The successful teams will have the opportunity to meet with the Partners that they will eventually collaborate with, set the criteria for a successful pilot, and arrange all the operational requirements.

Physical presence: Not obligatory, depending on the nature of the pilot. A 2-3 hours weekly sync (physical or online) with the Partners & Beta-i might be necessary.


September 16th – November 14th

This is the time of action & certainly the highlight of the program. For 2 months the teams will work closely with the Partners that have selected them.

Physical presence: Not obligatory, depending on the nature of the pilot. A 2-3 hours weekly sync (physical or online) with the Partners & Beta-i might be necessary.

demo day

November 15th

Demo Day is the one day you are called to present the results of the pilot you have been running during the 2 months of Experimentation.

Physical presence: Have at least 2 members of the team present.

sol lab

from November 16th onwards

After the end of the program, the most successful startups will have the opportunity to continue their pilots in the safe environment of the SOL Lab, where they will have access to perks & benefits to facilitate the ongoing implementation and integration.


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